Christian Casselborg

CEO since 2021
Born: 1974

Experience: Christian Casselborg has many years of experience working with listed and unlisted companies. In addition, he has experience from working with project management and business development. Christian has a background from business development roles within Ericsson and NKT.

Holdings in the Company: Christian owns 310,000 Series B shares privately in the Company and 200,000 warrants of series 2022/2025

Anna-Karin Crutze

Board member since 2021
Born: 1968

Experience: Anna-Karin Crutze has a degree in economics from Stockholm University and has studied at Rutger University. Anna-Karin has more than 20 years of experience as CFO in both listed and unlisted companies. She has held senior positions within Glocalnet Scandinavia AB, Sergel Finans, AcadeMedia AB and Stureplansgruppen and experience from several industries such as finance, telecom, the film industry and independent school operations.

Other ongoing assignments: CFO for Stureplansgruppen Aktiebolag.

Holding in the Company: Anna-Karin owns 20,000 Series B shares privately in the Company.