A green energy production company

A green energy production company

Zazz Energy is an energy company for green energy production. The company’s business model aims to realize countries’ environmental goals through the establishment of waste gasification and incineration plants that produce green electricity and heat. The plants can also produce biochar and wood vinegar. Zazz Energy sells turnkey facilities including construction, installation, training, and service. In addition to this, Zazz Energy can also own and operate facilities under its own auspices, in local markets where this is advantageous, which then means that Zazz Energy itself produces green electricity and heat, and in some cases also biochar and wood vinegar, which is sold directly to customers of The company.

Zazz Energy’s waste gasification plants are based on so-called pyrolysis technology and can be produced in a large number of different variants. According to the customer’s wishes, the plants are tailored based on the choice of waste material for gasification (biomass, waste or other types of waste), the desired capacity for green electricity production (power 1-5MW) and heat, and requests for production of additional residual products to be generated in the gasification process (biochar and wood vinegar).

Green electricity and heat are produced in all variants of the plant, regardless of the choice of waste material for gasification in the plant. The residual products biochar and wood vinegar are also produced in plants created for gasification of the waste type biomass. The residual products biochar and wood vinegar can also be processed, sold and constitute a source of income for the owner of the gasification plant.

Zazz Energy’s facilities for electricity production with bio-oil are tailored to the customer’s wishes regarding the choice of capacity for electricity production (power 1-5 MW) and heat.

Zazz Energy is thus an important company in society’s conversion to green energy production.