The offer in brief

Issue amount

The rights issue amounts to approximately SEK 43.2 million.

Preferential rights

Anyone who was registered as a shareholder in the Company on the record date of May 3, 2024 has preferential rights to subscribe for shares in the Company based on existing shareholdings in the Company. Shareholders in the Company receive one (1) unit right for each share held. Five (5) unit rights are required to subscribe for one (1) unit.


One unit consists of thirty-five (35) shares.

Subscription price

The subscription price is SEK 0.42 per unit, corresponding to SEK 0.012 per share. There is no brokerage fee.

Subscription period

Subscription of shares shall take place from May 16, 2024 until May 30, 2024.

Trading in subscription rights

Trading in unit rights is intended to take place from May 17, 2024 until May 27, 2024.


The rights issue is guaranteed to approximately 50 percent through guarantee commitments. The guarantees are not secured by bank guarantees, escrow funds, pledges or similar arrangements.

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